Starting in 2023, “Theory at Reseda” (an extension of Theory Tuesdays) will take place on Wednesdays, continuing at the Reseda Zürich am Hauptbahnhof showroom.

The previous, 248 Theory Tuesdays sessions were held at the following locations in Zurich, Switzerland.

2022            Reseda Zürich am Hauptbahnhof (furniture showroom)

2021            Josefwiese (public park)

2020            Atelier Hermann Haller (1 group show / 9 sessions)

2016 – 2020     Reseda Zürich Lochergut (furniture showroom)

2017 – 2018     Kunsthalle Zürich (2 group shows / 20 sessions)

2015            Counter Space (independent art space)

2009 – 2014     Corner College (independent art space)

Teoretiske Tirsdage was a Danish extension of Theory Tuesdays. It was inaugurated in-person by Philip Matesic in 2015, followed by 50 sessions run by Michael Roloff and Mark Tholander at the independent art space Rum46 in Aarhus, Denmark.