Tuesday 28th August 2018, 8:00pm

Theory Tuesdays & Practical Fridays Planning Session

Image: Practical Fridays “Suturing” workshop with Brian Matesic

LOCATION: Reseda Lochergut (Badenerstrasse 230, 8004 Zürich)

During this semi-annual planning session, anyone is invited to propose a future Theory Tuesdays session or Practical Fridays workshop (in German or English). Please bring a specific text or a practical workshop idea to the planning session. Everyone will briefly present their ideas, then we will collectively fill in a calendar.

Below are descriptions of both platforms, as well as links to examples of past sessions and workshops.

Theory Tuesdays – A person initiates a discussion about a specific text. The texts selected and discussed are usually about contemporary art, architecture, design, critical and literary theory. A typical session is two hours in length, with a PDF (to be read beforehand) no longer than 20 pages. Examples of past Theory Tuesdays sessions can be found HERE.

Practical Fridays – A non-professional conducts a hands-on, practical workshop. The workshop should be no longer than three hours and everyone in attendance should be able to participate. The location is determined by the person running the workshop. Examples of past Practical Fridays workshops can be found HERE.